Question: What is maybe app?

Maybe* is a collaborative social media management platform that provides engagement tools, actionable insights, reports and access to training that enables organisations to make social media work for them. The Maybe* app is available on IOS and Android.

How do you get diamonds in maybe?

To get the diamonds add you must have read ALL the free chapters that are available of ALL the stories. Once you have done it you will get the ads option to gain more diamonds when you have to make a choice and you dont have enough of them.

What is the best interactive story app?

11 Best Interactive Story Games for AndroidFancy Love: Interactive Romance Game.Episode – Choose Your Story.Story Me: interactive episode game by your choices.Love Story ®: Interactive Stories & Romance Games.maybe: Interactive Stories.Playbook: Interactive Story Games.Chapters: Interactive Stories.More items

Is Maybe Interactive Stories free?

Note Maybe: Interactive Stories is an online game that requires an internet connection to play. Maybe is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money.

How do you earn diamonds on episode?

0:442:51FREE PASSES and GEMS on Episode App 2021 (3 Ways to Get YouTube

Is there a remarried Empress game?

Gameplay. Remarried Empress is an interactive story game where the player takes control of Empress Navier. The outcome of the story depends on the players choices of interaction with the games other characters.

How do I get full access to episode?

The most straightforward way to get more passes in Episode - just like in most mobile games - is to wait. It takes four hours for your passes to recharge, and once they do, youll get three free passes to read more chapters. Remember, you have to use up all of your passes for them to start to recharge.

Do you get paid for episode stories?

Earnings are calculated based on the popularity of your published story. Every time an Episode player reads a chapter of your story on their device, you will earn a read for that story. At the end of the month, we calculate how many reads youve earned in total and pay you accordingly.

Is Firewatch scary?

But the setting, in all of its vast loneliness, elevates a spooky story to downright scary and stressful; its not a horror game, more of an interactive thriller. Firewatch is a game about the quiet of the wilderness, silence, and the sounds that follow it. Firewatch is available February 9th on PC and PS4.

What app has the remarried Empress?

Remarried Empress (Interactive) The interactive story is published by Cinamon Games (시나몬게임즈) on their app Maybe: Interactive Stories. iOS app can be downloaded here. Google Play app can be downloaded here.

What is the remarried Empress based off of?

The Remarried Empress is a Fantasy Webtoon Original created by Alphatart and illustrated by Sumpul; it updates every Wednesday and Sunday. The original Korean Webtoon premiered on Naver. The Webtoon is based on a webnovel by the same name created by Alphatart and illustrated by Chirun.

How do you get free stuff on episode?

0:412:51FREE PASSES and GEMS on Episode App 2021 (3 WaysYouTube

How do you get unlimited passes on episode?


How do u get diamonds in Episode?

0:442:51FREE PASSES and GEMS on Episode App 2021 (3 WaysYouTube

Do Episode creators get paid?

Writer Payments are Episodes way of rewarding our top writers - which could be you! - for the success of their stories on the Episode platform. As long as you qualify to enter the program (see below for details), you can sign up and start earning money from your stories.

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