Question: How old is Denise Miller in real life?

How old is Denise Miller?

58 years (July 17, 1963) Denise Miller/Age

Is actress Denise Miller married?

Denise Miller (born July 17, 1963) is an American actress. She is noted for her appearances in the television sitcoms Archie Bunkers Place and Fish, as well as the made-for-television movie Sooner or Later .Denise MillerOccupationActressYears active1974–2003Spouse(s)Richard Gish (2015)2 more rows

How old was Denise Miller in sooner or later?

13- Smith left his gig as a rock and roll frontman after NBC approached him to star in a 1979 movie of the week called Sooner or Later. He played a 17-year-old budding singer who has a romance with a 13-year-old (Denise Miller) who passes herself off as 16. The movie introduced You Take My Breath Away to the world.

What happened to Denise Miller?

Jurors found Denise Elverious Miller guilty of murdering off-duty Little Elm police officer Jonathan Wayne Irby after a few hours of deliberation Wednesday afternoon. It is not a capital case, so she could not receive the death penalty.

Where is Denise Miller from?

Brooklyn, New York, United States Denise Miller/Place of birth

Why did Martin Balsam leave Archie Bunkers Place?

The second big change is the departure of co-star Martin Balsam at seasons end, who decided to leave over a contract dispute, and the feeling of a need to move on to other projects.

Who did Rex Smith marry?

Tracy Linm. 2009 Jamie Buellm. 1987–1995 Rex Smith/Spouse

How old is Rex Smith now?

65 years (September 19, 1955) Rex Smith/Age

What does Denise Richards?

Actor ModelTelevision producerFilm actor Denise Richards/Professions

Who played Denise on All in the Family?

Janis Paige Janis Paige (born September 16, 1922) is an American film, musical theatre, and television actress. She appeared as Denise, a lovely divorcee who briefly woos Archie in the Season 7 episodes Archies Brief Encounter (Parts 1 & 2) and Archies Brief Encounter (Part 3).

Is Archie Bunker still alive?

Actor Carol OConnor, best known as televisions Archie Bunker, died from a heart attack at a hospital in California. He was 76. OConnors role as Bunker, the working-class bigot in the 1970s All in the Family, brought him critical and popular acclaim.

How old is Sally Struthers now?

74 years (July 28, 1947) Sally Struthers/Age

Who sang the song You Take My Breath Away?

Berlin Take My Breath Away/Artists

Who is Rexs voice from victorious?

Jake FarrowVICTORiOUS Rex Powers/Voiced by Jake Farrow voiced Rex, the sassy-AF puppet — or Christopher Cane, if youre going by the Blooptorious episode — but before that, he played everyones favorite weirdo Premiere employee, Gavin.

Are Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna still friends?

Richards and Rinna have been friends for 20 years, ever since their modeling days. Richards seemed shocked that her long-time friend would treat her so harshly.

Does Denise Richards have a child with Charlie Sheen?

Richards and Sheen tied the knot in 2002, and share two children together: 17-year-old Sami, and 16-year-old Lola.

Do Mike and Gloria get divorced?

The only child of Archie and Edith Bunker, Gloria is married to—and eventually divorced from—Michael Stivic. She was born 11 months after Archie and Edith were married, according to the fifth season episode “The Longest Kiss”.

Why did Archie Bunker wear rings on his middle fingers?

Bunker said in 1972 that he had his wedding ring sized to fit his middle finger for balance.

Why did Mike and Gloria divorce?

They appear in a Christmas episode during the 1978–79 season, in which Archie, Edith, and Ediths niece Stephanie visit Michael and Gloria, exposing the fact that the couple have secretly separated due to troubles in their marriage, including Glorias infidelity with one of Michaels college faculty colleagues.

Is Meathead still alive?

Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers are the main cast members who are still alive and remain active entertainers. Reiner, also 72, works as a filmmaker and actor. He played Michael “Meathead” Stivic on all nine seasons of All In the Family (1971-79), during which time he won a pair of Emmy Awards.

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