Question: Does Katherine Jenkins have a child?

Does Katherine Jenkins have a baby?

Katherine Jenkins has shared a rare photo of her son Xander Katherine gave birth to their first baby, daughter Aaliyah, in New York in September 2015.

Does Katherine Jenkins have a family?

Katherine Jenkins has two children with husband Andrew Levitas, 40, who she married at Hampton Court Palace in 2014. Our family, our home and are hearts could not be more full of love & we are incredibly grateful for the gift of being parents to these beautiful children.

Is Katherine Jenkins husband a singer?

Andrew Levitasm. 2014 Katherine Jenkins/Husband

What age is Katherine Jenkins?

41 years (June 29, 1980) Katherine Jenkins/Age

Who has Katherine Jenkins dated?

Jenkins met Welsh television presenter Gethin Jones in 2007, and they became engaged in February 2011. They announced that they were no longer together on 30 December 2011. In October 2013, Jenkins began dating American painter Andrew Levitas. They announced their engagement in April 2014.

What is Katherine Jenkins daughter called?

Aaliyah Reign Levitas Katherine Jenkins/Daughters Jenkins gave birth to their first child, a daughter called Aaliyah Reign, in New York City in September 2015. Their son, Xander Robert Selwyn, was born in April 2018.

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