Question: Which is the best matrimonial site for Muslims?

Muslima. Muslima is one of the leading and reliable marriage sites to find a Muslim life partner. If you are looking for the best marriage site for a Muslim bride or groom, Muslima can be ideal for trying out. This online matrimony site has helped thousands of Muslim singles find their perfect soul mate.

Is nikah valid on phone?

Merely taking marriage vows on phone is not valid as there is no proof and ample scope for conflict later. Only such marriages are held valid where a proper wakalatnama (power of attorney) duly attested by government authorities is produced. The nikah on phone trend has caught on in many Islamic countries.

How can we do online nikah?

So, no Wali is required to perform online Nikah in Pakistan .These nikah documents can be:Registration of Nikahnama.Copies of Urdu Nikah Nama.Nikahnama English / Arabic translations.NADRA Marriage Certificate.Attestation from Notary Public / Foreign Affairs.Attestation from Concerned Embassy (if agreed)

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