Question: How do I meet an intellectual man?

How do I attract an intellectual man?

How to attract an intelligent man?Go where intelligent men go.Take up a night class.Trust your instincts.Dont lie about your intelligence.Be proud of your own achievements.Give the man his moment.4 Feb 2020

How do you meet an intelligent person?

How to Meet Intelligent Friends1 Set an intention to make new friends.2 Put down your phone when youre out in public.3 Go to art shows, museums, and cultural events.4 Reach out to intelligent people who have impacted you.5 Hang out with other intelligent friends you have.6 Take a continuing education class.More items •28 Jun 2021

How can you tell if a man is smart?

Here are the signs of smart people:They dont talk as much as you do, because they know they got smart by listening.They know lots of things other than what theyre specialised in. They juggle home, work and personal interests with dexterity and never fall back on the tired old refrain about “work life balance”.More items

How do you talk to someone smarter than you?

He recommends saying something like, “I know you have more experience and expertise than I do, and I understand you have concerns about that.” Dont go in “trying to protect your ego.” Instead, approach the person with curiosity and talk “about what you can do to help meet his needs.” Remember, Hill adds, your goal is

What are the signs of intelligent person?

Heres a look at 11 signs of varying types of intelligence.Youre empathetic. You value solitude. You have a strong sense of self. You always want to know more. You observe and remember. You have good body memory. You can handle the challenges life tosses at you. You have a knack for keeping the peace.More items •15 Dec 2020

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