Question: Whats the most romantic thing to do in NYC?

Is New York the most romantic city?

But the worlds most romantic city, it is not. That title has to go to New York as queen of the worlds most romantic getaways. The Big Apple has a magic to it that no other place can replicate. And it makes the city the perfect place to fall in love, or for the ultimate couple getaways.

Where do couples stay in New York?

10 Most Romantic Hotels in New York CityThe William Vale. SHOP AT TRIPADVISOR. The Rockaway Hotel, Rockaway Park. SHOP AT TRIPADVISOR. Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown. Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel. GrayBarns. Noah Fecks. The Beekman. SHOP AT TRIPADVISOR. Gramercy Park Hotel. The Carlyle. McCarren Hotel & Pool.More items •15 Jan 2021

Is New York the second most romantic city in the world?

It might surprise many, but Paris isnt on top of the ranking of the romantic cities. New York City with a score of 46.4 out of 50, ranks first among the most romantic cities worldwide. London took second place in the most romantic cities ranking.

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