Question: When did Victoria leave SM?

Victoria debuted as a member of f(x) in 2009 and she is the last member of the K-pop girl group to leave the agency. Amber and Luna left SM Entertainment in September 2019. Krystal signed up with H& Entertainment in October last year after her contract with SM Entertainment expired in August.

Did FX Victoria leave SM?

f(x)s Victoria has officially parted ways with her longtime agency SM Entertainment. On April 9, SM Entertainment responded to reports of her departure by confirming, “Its true that our contract with Victoria has expired.”

Did Victoria renew her contract with SM?

Victoria Song, the Chinese leader of K-pop girl band, f(x), has ended her contract with the groups agency SM Entertainment. After local media outlet, the Korea Economic Daily, reported the news Friday, SM confirmed it without revealing details. Before Song, other members, including Krystal, had left the company.

Is Victoria still in SM?

f(x) Victoria has terminated her contract with the bands agency, SM Entertainment. She has done so to focus on activities in China. Before her, other members of the band had left the agency too but that did not officially announce the groups dissolution.

Did Kpop group FX disband?

Although f(x) hasnt officially announced its disbandment, Victoria is the last of the members to make her departure from SM Entertainment. Members Luna and Ambers contract expired in 2019 while Krystals expired last year. Sulli, also known as Choi Jin-ri, committed suicide in 2019.

Is Krystal Jung still in SM?

Krystals departure from SM was officially announced in October 2020; she signed with H& Entertainment as her new agency.

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