Question: Is 7 things about Nick Jonas?

While Cyrus didnt name Nick in her book, she referred to him as “Prince Charming” throughout the autobiography. The “Jealous” singer, for his part, confirmed that “7 Things” was about him in 2018, a decade after Cyrus Breakout album dropped.

Who did Miley wrote 7 Things about?

Miley Cyrus Antonina ArmatoTim James 7 Things/Composers Miley Cyrus had fans reveling in nostalgia for the days when she dated Nick Jonas while celebrating the 13th anniversary of her famous breakup tune “7 Things” — which is about the famous boy band member.

Who was in the 7 Things music video?

If youre wondering why Carissa Alvarado looks so familiar, its probably from her time on Americas Got Talent, where she appeared as a musical act during Season 13. Alvarado celebrated the 7 Things anniversary with a TikTok video.

When did 7 Things come out?

2008 7 Things/Released

Why did Miley Cyrus write 7 things?

Cyrus says 7 Things was inspired by an ex-boyfriend. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Cyrus said that she was going through [ ] nine-hundred different emotions while trying to write the song and that her use of the word hate demonstrated how furious she was.

What album is 7 things on?

Breakout 7 Things/Album

Which album containing the hit song 7 Things did Miley Cyrus release in 2008?

Answer Breakout Ah, the good ol days when Miley Cyrus was still a Disney Channel phenomenon. Although this album was unrelated to her character, Hannah Montana, its main song, Breakout, was released to Radio Disney as a promotion for her second album.

Is Liam Hemsworth still dating Gabriella?

The couple is reportedly still together after close to 18 months of dating. After a year of dating, a source tells E! that Brooks brings out the best in Hemsworth. His relationship with Gabriella is very different from Miley, the insider explained. “Liam feels comfortable with Gabriella,” a source told the outlet.

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