Question: When should you disclose STD?

Talk to your partner before sexual contact (and if you have oral herpes, before kissing) The best time to talk about this is before you start having sex (including oral sex). Depending on which STI you have, you might need to tell them even earlier: If you have oral herpes, you should tell them before you kiss.

Is it against the law to not disclose an STD?

In the state of California, its illegal to willfully expose someone to an STD. Those infected with an STD must disclose their condition to their sexual partner before initiating sexual contact.

Is giving an STD a crime?

Transmitting an STD can be a crime in California. It is prohibited by California Health and Safety Code 120290. People who know they are infected with an STD can be liable if they intentionally infect someone else. They can also be held liable if they got a third party to transmit their STD to someone else.

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