Question: What did Amish women do for a living?

Some Amish women own and operate their own small business, such as raising poultry or vegetables, baking, or sewing quilts and other handcrafted items. Some run bakeries, fabric shops, restaurants and more.

What did Amish women do?

Amish Women are expected to marry, have children and submit to their husbands will. There is no divorce. It is the responsibility of the wife to care for the children and the household. Her tasks include cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening and maintaining the general welfare of the family.

How are women treated in the Amish community?

An Amish woman has the distinct responsibility of caring for the household and her family. Amish women may sew, clean, tend to animals, garden, prepare meals, preserve food, and care for children. A womans tie to her home does not mean she is confined to the home, however.

Are Amish allowed to ride horses?

While there is no restriction on the horse breeds the Amish use, former standardbred racehorses are most commonly used for pulling buggies, and draft horses usually the heavy pulling and the work in the fields.

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