Question: Can best friends turn into lovers?

Can friends become lovers? Yes, they can. If your friend has been hinting that they want something more than a casual friendship, then you should pick up the clues about their feelings.

How do you go from best friends to lovers?

How to go from friends to loversBe a good friend. Show them how much youve got in common. Embrace the things you havent got in common. Show just enough affection. Cultivate their emotional dependence. Stop being so available. Flatter your friend. Say it with your eyes.More items

How do you know if your best friend is secretly in love with you?

12 Signs That Say Your Best Friend Is In Love With YouYou want to spend alone time together.Showers you special compliments.Awkward about physical touch.You find your best friend staring at times.Your best friend knows and remembers everything.Romance and sex becomes conversational.You dont mind sharing food.More items •12 Aug 2021

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