Question: Do you RSVP to save the date?

Unlike invitations, theres no need to include RSVP cards with your Save the Dates. Guests arent expected to respond until they receive the invitation, although some may. DO add your wedding hashtag and wedding website.

What is the difference between Save-the-Date and RSVP?

The RSVPs (or lack thereof) Save-the-date cards dont require a response. Theyre just for the recipients use, to serve as a reminder and to allow them to start planning. Invitations are the exact opposite.

Do you address Save the dates with guest?

Be mindful of how you address them. “Its fine to be just addressed to one guest but it should be that way because you dont want them to have a date, or else they may decide that it means with a date and when they get the invitation, its a whole other kerfuffle.”

Do you send save the dates and invitations?

Send out save-the-date cards six to eight months prior to your wedding and the wedding invitations eight weeks before your big day.

Do you have to put RSVP on invitations?

You need a complete and final wedding guest list before you can mail out your cards. Remember, if youre hosting a ceremony-only wedding, RSVP cards are not required. Confirm your reception dinner menu. Your wedding response card can also include a choice of entrees for your guests to pick from.

Whats the point of a save the date?

Save-the-dates essentially alert guests that they are going to be invited to your wedding in the coming months, along with sharing basic date and location information. Couples typically send out save-the-dates a few months after theyve gotten engaged and have decided on a wedding date and venue.

Is it rude to send a save-the-date and not an invitation?

Can you send a save the date and not an invitation? They help the guests to organise their time off in advance. If you dont give the guests this opportunity, some of them may not be able to attend. So, if thats something thats important to you, then you should definitely send both a save the date and an invitation.

Is 1 year too early for save the dates?

Save the date etiquette recommends mailing them six to eight months before the wedding. That way guests have ample notice to request time off work and book travel and accommodations. If youre planning a destination wedding, its recommended you send wedding save the date cards nine months to a year in advance.

Is it OK to handwrite save the date envelopes?

The mailing envelope on save-the-dates is typically addressed by hand, but you may also use a calligraphy-style font from your computer, if you choose this option, print directly on an envelope, not on an address label.

Is 5 months too late to send save the dates?

sending out your save the dates too late If you plan on having a destination wedding like Greece, we recommend sending out your Save The Dates 8-10 months in advance. If you are planning a holiday weekend wedding, then 6-8 months in advance is enough notice.

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