Question: How do you know if a guy is a feminist?

What is feminism in simple words?

Feminism is a social and political movement. Feminism is about changing the way that people see male and female rights (mainly female), and campaigning for equal ones. Somebody who follows feminism is called a feminist. Feminism began in the 18th century with the Enlightenment.

What pro life means?

: opposed to abortion.

What is the word misandry mean?

the hatred of Misandry (/mɪˈsændri/) is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys in general.

What is anti abortion?

Medical Definition of antiabortion : opposed to abortion and especially to the legalization of abortion an antiabortion bill.

Abortion in Canada is legal at all stages of pregnancy (regardless of the reason) and is publicly funded as a medical procedure under the combined effects of the federal Canada Health Act and provincial health-care systems. Formally banned in 1869, abortion would remain illegal in Canada law for the next 100 years.

What Misogamist means?

: a hatred of marriage.

What is the hatred of humans called?

misanthrope • /MISS-un-throhp/ • noun. : a person who hates or distrusts humankind.

Abortion remains illegal in the Philippines under all circumstances and is highly stigmatized. While a liberal interpretation of the law could exempt abortion provision from criminal liability when done to save the womans life, there are no such explicit provisions.

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