Question: Can I browse Zoosk without signing up?

Free members can create a profile, view other members, see potential matches and wander around the app. So to answer the question, yes you can view profiles on Zoosk without subscribing. You can buy Zoosk coins or subscribe to a different membership tier.

How do I search Zoosk without subscribing?

search zoosk without joiningGo to, click on images.In the search query, enter {profile name}For example, if you want to search for profiles named angel, your search query should be angel.6 Jun 2019

What can you do on Zoosk without a subscription?

As a free Zoosk user, you can create an account, a profile, and add a pic. Moreover, you can view other profiles and send smiles to people you like. You can also search for users who are close to your location.

How do I look at someones profile on Zoosk?

Currently, you cant search for someone using their name or Zoosk display name. However, if youve already connected with someone, you can find him or her in your Connections and view his or her profile from there.

What is a smart pick in Zoosk?

One of these features is the Zoosk SmartPick feature which evaluates compatibility between Zoosk members. SmartPick is smart and learns from your ❤ and X votes to make better match recommendations in the future. Answering the SmartPick Survey will also improve your match results. Heres how it works: 1.

Can you join Zoosk without Facebook?

Zoosk Offers Free Memberships to All Users When you join, youre automatically given a free account, so you can get a feel for how to use Zoosk without paying for anything. Zoosk is free to join, and you can create a login via the site, app, Facebook, or Google+.

How can you tell if someone is still a member on Zoosk?

Green and blue dots are indicators if someones online now or recently online. If theres a green dot or indicator on someones profile saying he or she is Online Now, it means that person is currently active on Zoosk.

Does Zoosk show up on Facebook?

New users can sign up for Zoosk with their existing Facebook information rather than needing to create a brand new profile on Zoosk. Existing users can log in with their Facebook information and take advantage of Zoosks Facebook capabilities! Happy Tuesday and happy Zoosking, folks.

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