Question: Should I trust online friends?

Be careful who you trust online: remember that people you have met online are still strangers, no matter how long you have been talking to them or how friendly they are. Meeting up with these people can be dangerous, so only do so with your parents or carers permission, even then only when they can be present.

Are online friends trustworthy?

You can trust online friends once you meet them in person and confirm that they are who they say they are. Trust will build over the course of months or years when you have phone calls, move onto video chat, and meet up in person. Once youve met someone in person in a safe manner, your bond can become even stronger.

Are there risks to having online friendships?

The dangers of meeting someone over the internet can include sexual predators, thieves, blackmailers and the fear of not knowing who is actually behind the phone. Anyone can act like someone they are not when they are behind any electronic device, and it is very easy to make good conversations flow over text.

What are disadvantages of bad friends?

Consequences of Negative Friendships Eventually, a bad friend might end up lonely and isolated. The negativity can rub off on your other relationships and other areas of your life. Your self-esteem could be lowered. You might experience higher stress levels which can impact physical and emotional health.

How do you know if your friend is trustworthy?

These 15 signs are dead giveaways that youre dealing with a keeper:They are consistent. They show compassion and humility. They respect boundaries. They compromise and dont expect something for nothing. Theyre relaxed (and so are you). They are respectful when it comes to time. They show gratitude.More items •May 1, 2018

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