Question: What makes Sugardaddy such a good dating site?

Is SugarDaddy reliable?

Is sugardaddie a scam or a legit company? Answer: It is legit but they control messages to keep you paying.

What qualities do Sugar Daddies look for?

The five things sugar daddies want. Beauty. Intellectual. Supportive. Etiquette of a sugar daddy. Be well groomed. Willing to impart knowledge and experiences. Respectful to her friends and family. Things to avoid if you want to be a sugar baby. Dont be flaky or a no show Never lie to a sugar daddy.Feb 24, 2019

What is mean by establish?

1 : to institute (something, such as a law) permanently by enactment or agreement. 2 obsolete : settle sense 7. 3a : to make firm or stable. b : to introduce and cause to grow and multiply establish grass on pasturelands. 4a : to bring into existence : found established a republic.

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