Question: Who are the manufacturers of Hazel Atlas Glass?

Atlas was the brand of the companys most popular line of fruit jars for home canning. Hazel-Atlas—then the third largest producer of glass containers in the United States, with almost ten percent of the market—became a subsidiary of the Continental Can Company in 1957.

When did Hazel Atlas go out of business?

Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, Wheeling West Virginia (1902-1964)

Who made Atlas jars?

What is an Atlas Mason Jar? Hazel-Atlas Glass Company was the company responsible for producing authentic Atlas mason jars. The company was operational for over 60 years from 1902 to 1964 and produced the aforementioned glass jars during that time. These jars were some of their most significant productions at the time.

Is Hazel Atlas Anchor Hocking?

Anchor Hocking (founded in 1905) is still making glass products today and Hazel Atlas (founded in 1902) was in business into the early 1960s.

Is Hazel-Atlas glassware marked?

The Hazel-Atlas mark, usually placed on the back of the product, is an A nestled underneath an H. The mark was reportedly first used in 1923, according to trademark office records quoted by Peterson (400 Trademarks on Glass).

How can you tell real Heisey Glass?

The “Diamond H” Mark The National Heisey Glass Museum website states that all pieces of Heisey were marked when they left the factory. Many had the famous capital H within a diamond mark in a raised molding directly in the glass while others simply had a paper label affixed for identification.

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