Question: What happened to Wayne Linekers girlfriend?

When did Wayne and Danielle split? Danielle and Wayne split in 2018, with Danielle announcing that he will always have a place in her heart on Instagram. She wrote: Theres no easy way to say this but unfortunately me and Wayne have decided to end our relationship and wanted it to come from us first.

Is Wayne Lineker in a relationship with Chloe?

Discussing their relationship, Wayne said: Chloe and I are good friends. Weve got an arrangement, but what she does, shes good to do that, and what I do, Im good to do that. Wayne went on: But we still see each other, and well see what happens in the future.

Who is Linekers wife?

Is Wayne Lineker married? As of 2021 Wayne is currently single. In November 2018 he split from 26-year-old model Danielle Sandhu. The pair, who were engaged at the time of their break up, were together for four years.

Who was Wayne Linekers last girlfriend?

Celebs Go Dating star Wayne Lineker was seen reuniting with his ex-girlfriend of four years Danielle Sandhu and revealed the pair are still the best of friends. The Ibiza beach club owner, 58, who is the brother of former footballer Gary Lineker, has launched his own podcast in a bid to tackle social media abuse.

Are Wayne and Billie Jean still together?

Wayne Lineker and Billie Jean - SPLIT In the final episode, both Wayne and Billie decided to commit to their relationship outside the mansion after the show. Two months after filming it was revealed the pair are no longer romantically involved.

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