Question: Which part of Goa is best for family?

Is north or South Goa better for families?

North goa is best place to stay. Calangute and baga is preferable for family. Most happening place. In goa there are many veg restaurants too.

Which one is better north or South Goa?

If you are looking for beaches in North Goa or South Goa, you will find both South Goa and North Goa are quite pleasant for planning holidays and enjoyable for tropical weather. However, travelling to South Goa is better because the weather is less humid than in North Goa.

What is best time to visit Goa?

Mid-June to October: Mid-June to October is the time when the rains hit the beautiful Goa. There are parties across the length and breadth of Goa to welcome the rains. If you love the monsoon and the lush green countryside that the rain Gods turn Goa into, July to September is a great time to visit.

Which season is best in Goa?

Goa enjoys a tropical climate which means the summers are hot, the winters are mild, and the monsoon is strong. Winter is the peak tourist season in Goa .Best Time to Visit GoaOctober31° / 23°19%November33° / 22°10%December32° / 20°1%January32° / 19°0%10 more rows

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