Question: Is Chilli still single?

Is Dallas and Chilli still together?

Usher and Chilli of TLC are remembered as one of Hollywoods cutest couples. The two split and their breakup was painful for both, with Chilli admitting to having a hard time moving on.

Does Chilli from TLC have a baby?

Chilis son, Tron Austin, just received his bachelors degree in music production from Full Sail University, and of course, the proud mama posted the jubilant moment on Instagram. His dad, music producer Dallas Austin, was also on hand to share in his sons big moment.

Where was Left Eye BORN?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Lisa Lopes/Place of birth Born in Philadelphia, Left Eye later moved to Atlanta, where she formed TLC with Watkins and Thomas. The trios 1992 debut LP, Ooooooohhh On the TLC Tip, spawned the top 10 hits Baby-Baby-Baby, Aint 2 Proud 2 Beg and What About Your Friends.

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