Question: What is it like dating a Cancer woman?

Whats it like dating a Cancer woman? They are selfless and intuitive with their emotions, so expect to do everything you should while dating. Dont criticize her or anyone shes close to. She might rant about her family, but that doesnt give you the right to do the same.

What its like to date a Cancer woman?

When dating a Cancer woman, you need to understand that like the Moon (their signs ruler), their emotions change from day to day. On some days, they may be extremely affectionate and want to have you nearby, and on other days, they may need some solo time and can feel overwhelmed by your presence.

What you need to know about dating a Cancer woman?

If you are thinking of dating a Cancer lady, you must arm yourself with a lot of patience as they are moody. Being a Water sign, the Cancer woman is emotional and it can be difficult for her to open with people all the time. She is cautious with her feelings and she doesnt reveal them too often.

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