Question: How do you install a refrigerator water line?

Can you install refrigerator without water line?

You can still enjoy an automatic ice maker and water dispenser without having a water line. Although its convenient to get water and ice directly from the refrigerator, purchasing a refrigerator without a water line or reservoir doesnt mean you cant have homemade ice or chilled and filtered water.

Does fridge come with water line?

Water lines are typically sold in kits and are not included with the refrigerator. We recommend using a water line installation kit that uses 1/4 inch copper tubing, a 1/4 inch compression nut, and a ferrule.

What is cost of installation?

Installation Cost means the costs and expenses incurred and paid for by Tenant in performing alterations in accordance with plans and specifications approved by Landlord for its initial occupancy, as evidenced by paid receipts for materials supplied and services rendered by independent contractors.

Does Harvey Norman remove old appliances?

What appliances can Harvey Norman remove? Harvey Norman accepts (and will remove) large appliances such as fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers and display equipment such as TVs and computer monitors, plus smaller appliances like kettles, blenders and even electric toothbrushes.

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