Question: Is Beswick valuable?

It is still highly sought after today and youll find pieces throughout many of our auctions. Following on from Beatrix Potter, Beswick began to manufacture a range of Disney characters, including Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland pieces.

Is Beswick the same as Royal Albert?

In 1969 Beswick was sold to Doulton & Co. Ltd (Royal Doulton), and although animal figures continued to be produced, by 1989, the Beswick backstamp was dropped in favour of the Royal Doulton Royal Albert DA backstamp. In 2004 the Beswick name and product design rights were sold off.

What is the Beswick mark?

Beswick Trademark Backstamps Early Beswick stamps, dating from the First World War onwards, simply have the words Beswick England in a circle or oval shape. These will often be imprinted in green. Moving on from this marking the oval shape was removed, and the words Beswick Ware Made within England were added.

Is there a market for second hand Lladro?

The smaller, more common Lladro pieces can resell for as little as $15 to $20 (example: single geese), while on average the more common Lladro usually resell for $75 to $150. The extremely large Lladro can resell for $2,000 to $25,000.

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