Question: Can I date someone religious?

Dating someone of a different religious view is commonly accepted, if there is respect where neither partner forces their view onto the other. Some say dating someone religious with differing views doesnt affect their relationship at all. However, other couples are happy to ignore their religious differences…

Can you be with someone who is religious?

It could work, but its still not going to be ideal. The risk you run is that one day they decide to get more serious about their faith and if youre not on board with that, its going to create issues. Most of the major religions push pretty hard that you should marry someone with the same religious beliefs as you.

Can a relationship survive religious differences?

There are two common myths about religious differences that couples may need to dispel to effectively work with religious differences. Religious differences can exist between all couples, even those who belong to the same church or religion.

Is it okay to marry someone with a different religion in Christianity?

It is forbidden to have a second religious ceremony in a different religion or one ceremony performed together by ministers of different religions.

Can u believe in 2 religions?

Its just as okay to believe in two religions as it is to speak two languages. Religions are spiritual languages.

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