Question: What is the purpose of WhatsApp group?

The purpose of WhatsApp groups is to establish collective conversations with others, but when you only place content, but never read or interact, the existence of such groups loses their purpose.

Why WhatsApp group is important?

In the case of family WhatsApp group chat, the significance of WhatsApp group is the openness of the members characteristic and as the social support [5] . For the professionals, for instance the professionals in the field of Library and Information Sciences, WhatsApp considered as a vital communication media.

What are WhatsApp groups used for?

Groups can be used as an internal team chat as well. Nowadays pretty much everyone has WhatsApp on their phone, so for important work related info youll have a reliable channel of communication.

What is the objective of WhatsApp?

Our Mission. WhatsApp started as an alternative to SMS. Our product now supports sending and receiving a variety of media: text, photos, videos, documents, and location, as well as voice calls. Some of your most personal moments are shared with WhatsApp, which is why we built end-to-end encryption into our app.

What is the purpose of the group chat?

The entire purpose of a group chat is to share information with a number of people, not to exchange inside jokes with just one person.

What is a good group chat?

The 6 Best Group Chat Apps for Teams, Coworkers, or FriendsSyda Productions/Shutterstock.Facebook.Facebook.Discord.Slack.Microsoft.Apple.Mar 25, 2020

What is the best way to group chat?

6 Top Apps For Group Text MessagingWhatsApp. WhatsApp is a versatile chat client that lets you talk with friends around the world. GroupMe. Google+ Hangouts™ 4. Facebook Messenger. Voxer® WeChat.

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