Question: What drives a Taurus crazy?

Because of their stubborn personalities, Taurus men love what they think they cant have. Playing a little hard to get will drive him crazy in the best way and make him work extra hard for your attention and love. He will be dying to know who or what is stealing your attention away from him.

Why are Taurus so difficult?

While Taurus is known for being easy-going, they are much more known for being stubborn. They are persistent and determined to do what they want. They like to come to their own decisions, and often once theyve made one, thats it for them. Taurus is also stuck in their ways and is hard-pressed to change.

What are Taurus enemies?

The most stubborn person of all the zodiac signs, Taurus tends to make Aquarius and Scorpio their biggest enemies. They all are always determined to get what they want. So, it makes them anxious when they can observe that someone is not agreeing with their view point.

Are Taurus hard on themselves?

Taurus. A Taurus develops their sense of self-esteem from the outside in, which means that they arent so much hard on themselves as they just try to convince other people not to be hard on them. If they feel loved, supported and admired, they will seldom sense a reason to criticize their actions or behaviors.

Are Virgos very insecure?

Virgos tend to get very insecure about being wrong and letting themselves down. Virgos are a mutable sign (they are able to be adaptable and flexible), so theres nothing to worry about, Mckean says. Still, ever detail-oriented, the Virgo will continuously self-monitor.

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