Question: Can a cancer man get an Aquarius woman?

Both the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman are cool in love at first. One thing is for sure -- Aquarians love their freedom! If the Cancer guy falls for her, hell want to wrap his big arms around her -- and not let go. However, the relationship can go south quickly if he clings too much.

Are cancers attracted to Aquarius?

As a water sign, Cancers have a more highly developed intuition than Aquarius, and this instinct will work especially well for you. The Aquarius aloofness will trouble you. It may initially attract you to this mysterious and alluring loner, but in time he or she could break your heart.

Do Aquarius and Cancer make a good couple?

Overall, Cancer and Aquarius are considered to be an incompatible zodiac match. The good thing is, both signs value commitment and are extremely loyal. ”If Aquarius can find their heart and if Cancer cools their jets,” Reed says, “this could be an exciting relationship for both signs.”

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