Question: Where can I take my girlfriend in Lebanon?

Where can I spend Valentines Day in Lebanon?

12 Restaurant Ideas For Valentines Day Dinner In LebanonThe Grill Room at The Four Seasons Hotel. image via Couqley. image via Fin Faim. Mario e Mario. Indigo on the Roof at Le Gray Hotel. Prime18 at Lancaster Hotel. La Crêperie. Chez Alain at Grand Hills Hotel.More items •Feb 8, 2018

Where can I go today in Lebanon?

Top Attractions in LebanonNational Museum of Beirut. 1,480. History Museums. Zaitunay Bay. 2,125. Points of Interest & Landmarks. Byblos Castle. 652. Castles. Mim Museum - Mineral Museum. 309. Saint Charbel Tomb. 215. Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque. 786. Phoenician Wall. Points of Interest & Landmarks. Pigeon Rocks in Raouche. 1,150.More items

Where can I spend a day in Lebanon?

Destinations that are 30 mins to 50 mins away from Beirut:#1 Jbeil. Jbeil, also known as Byblos, is one of the 11 Phoenician cities and towns that still exist today in Lebanon. #2 Faqra Bridge. This famous bridge is natural! #3 Moussa Castle. #4 Baakleen Waterfall. #5 Taanayel. #6 Tyre. #7 Beiteddine Palace. #8 Qadisha Valley.More items •Jun 12, 2017

What should I buy in Lebanon?

5 Famous Things To Buy From LebanonTurkish Coffee Pots. One of the best things to buy in Lebanon is Turkish Coffee Pot that comes in different shapes, sizes and patterns. Sweets. Cedar Wood Message Plates. Local Wine. Home Décor Items.Mar 26, 2021

Is it expensive in Lebanon?

Well, YES Lebanon is expensive. We cannot escape that. For such a small country, 7 to 10 days is quite a good amount to first get to know the country and see some amazing sites. But because of this, you might cram a lot of sightseeing into your itinerary, and then the costs go up.

What is famous for Lebanon?

The countrys capital, Beirut is a source of pride for the locals. Its rise from the ashes and cosmopolitan spirit make it one of the worlds most amazing cities. Beirut holds a lot in terms of visual history – you can still see evidence of lively 60s Beirut, the civil war and its consequent rise in its buildings.

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