Question: What do people with borderline personality disorder feel when they break up with someone?

difficulty trusting others. irrationally fearing others intentions. quickly cutting off communication with someone they think might end up abandoning them. rapidly changing feelings about a person, from intense closeness and love (idealization) to intense dislike and anger (devaluation)

How do borderlines feel?

BPD is characterized by rapidly fluctuating moods, an unstable sense of self, impulsiveness, and a lot of fear. That can make you act erratically. One moment you might feel as though you love someone so intensely that you want to spend your life with them.

How do you respond to a borderline silent treatment?

How to respondName the situation. Acknowledge that someone is using the silent treatment. Use I statements. Acknowledge the other persons feelings. Apologize for words or actions. Cool off and arrange a time to resolve the issue. Avoid unhelpful responses.8 Jun 2020

Why is the silent treatment so painful?

The silent treatment is a particularly insidious form of abuse because it might force the victim to reconcile with the perpetrator in an effort to end the behavior, even if the victim doesnt know why theyre apologizing. “Its especially controlling because it deprives both sides from weighing in,” Williams said.

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