Question: What is the ugliest city in the United States?

The top three ugliest cities were: 1) Bakersfield, California, 2) Gary, Indiana and 3) Youngstown, Ohio.

What is the ugliest city?

Top 10 Ugliest Cities in the WorldGuatemala City, Guatemala. This fumes-and-crime-filled city is the capital of an otherwise beautiful country. Mexico City, Mexico. Amman, Jordan. Caracas, Venezuela. Luanda, Angola. Chisinau, Moldova. Houston, USA. Detroit, USA.More items

What is considered the worst city to live in in the United States?

Mendota, California, is the worst city in the United States. Almost half (49.5%) of the citys population of 11,396 lives in poverty. Only 1.8% of the population has a Bachelors degree and half of all households earn less than $27,500 per year.

Whats the prettiest city in the world?

The 10 most beautiful cities of the world- Kyoto, Japan.-Dubrovnik, Croatia.-St. Petersburg, Russia.-Prague, Czech Republic.-Cape Town, South Africa.-Bergen, Norway.-Istanbul, Turkey.-San Francisco, United States.More items

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