Question: What is full form of ILU?

What is the full meaning of ILU?

1, The full form of ILU is I Love You. Its used on Miscellaneous ,Chat slang in Worldwide. ILU means “I Love You”.

What is ILU?

ILU means I Love You.

What does the i stand for in I Love You?

I am committed to you Saying I love you means I am committed to you and I am committed to us. You are telling that person you are in this relationship.

What is the full form of Liu?

LIU. Lan (local Area Network) Interface Unit.

What does Cjb mean?

CJBAcronymDefinitionCJBCriminal Justice BureauCJBClub Joventut Badalona (Badalona, Spain basketball team)CJBCriminal Justice Barriers (to Investigation and Prosecution of Juvenile Online Victimization)CJBConseil des Jeunes Ballanais (French youth council)9 more rows

What does IMU mean?

IMUAcronymDefinitionIMUI Miss YouIMUInertial Measurement UnitIMUImposta Municipale Unica (Italian: Single Municipal Tax)IMUInternational Medical University (Malaysia)40 more rows

What are the international flights to Coimbatore?

The main international airlines that depart from Coimbatore are Air Arabia, SilkAir (S) Pte, and SriLankan Airlines. 3 international flights depart from Coimbatore. The first international flight to depart from the city is SriLankan Airlines, which leaves at 03:35 PM.

What does I miss you stand for?

IMY “I Miss You” IMY is an abbreviation of the phrase “I miss you,” and is most often used in text messages and informal communication. It is a simple (and thoughtful) way of telling another person that you miss them. According to Google Trends, “IMY” has been searched most often in the United States, Armenia, and Lebanon.

What does IMU mean in retail?

initial markup The best strategy to increase gross margin is to increase initial markup when pricing items. Initial markup (IMU) measures the amount of potential profit in the retail price of inventory. It is the difference between what an item costs from the vendor and what the retail price is that consumers pay.

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