Question: Where was red hot chili peppers Anthony Kiedis tattoo filmed?

There is some footage of individual band members, but the main footage in the clip was filmed in Amsterdam and concentrates on Anthony Kiedis. It is filmed at Henk Schiffmachers tattoo studio and shows Henk working on the first of Anthonys dagger tattoos.

Does Anthony Kiedis have STD?

Kiedis has come a long way since his diagnosis of hepatitis C in the 1990s. He attributes the source of his infection to intravenous drug use.

Who is tattooed on Anthony Kiedis arm?

Chief Joseph Chief Joseph takes up residency on the arm of the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis. Most of the ink Kiedis sports was largely inspired by his Native American background from tribal designs to a large back piece.

What is the tattoo on Anthony Kiedis back?

Inca Aztec Falcon Tattoo Anthony Kiediss famous Inca Aztec falcon stretches across his entire back. There are other reports that claim it is a Haida thunder bird.

When did Anthony Kiedis get his back tattoo?

The back tattoo was started sometime after Pinkpop in June 1988 (the video from that concert shows no tattoo) – probably immediately afterwards as Kiedis fitted in visiting to the tattooist while touring in the area.

What does Anthony Kiedis eat?

Kiedis follows a mainly vegan diet but says that he will occasionally “dabble in sustainable fish and dawdle in the consumption of eggs.”

Does Dave Grohl have tattoos?

Dave Grohl got the Foo Fighters logo tattooed on his neck in London. Foo Fighters fans will know that the cover of the bands third album, There Is Nothing Left To Lose, features a photograph of a tattoo of the bands ​FF logo on the back of Dave Grohls neck.

What does Jordyn Blum do for a living?

Actor Film director Jordyn Blum/Professions

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