Question: What is a good win rate in World of Tanks?

Its worth mentioning that, since draws arent counted as wins, the average win rate is more like 49%. This means that someone above 52% is statistically almost certainly a good player, assuming they have a decent number of battles.

What is a good win rate?

A win/loss ratio above 1.0 or a win-rate above 50% is usually favorable.

What is a good WTR rating WoT?

What WTR values can be considered good performance? More than 5,000 for a vehicle, and more than 9,500 for an account.

What is a good BB per 100?

1 – 4 bb/100 = Great. A solid winrate if you can sustain it. 5 – 9 bb/100 = Amazing. This is a very high winrate at any level.

Whats the best heavy tank in WOT?

World of Tanks Best Heavy Tank: Top picks, tips, tricks, and moreType 5 Heavy. Lets start off with the Type 5 Heavy. WZ-111 Model 1-4. This Chinese tank (Tier IX) makes the list as its surprisingly nimble for a heavy tank. AMX 65 T. Object 705A. FV215b.

What does EV BB 100 mean?

BB/100 is the technical term that we use in online poker to describe how many big blinds you won for every 100 hands that you played. This is very useful for determining how well you are doing at the poker tables and figuring out your poker hourly rate.

What does BB 100 mean?

To put it simply, BB/100 is a measure of win-rate in a cash game (Zoom or regular tables) and might be positive or negative. This stat is available on all major tracking software and measures how many big blinds you win or lose for every 100 hands that you play.

How do I work out my hours per week?

To calculate your average weekly working time you should add up the number of hours you worked in the reference period. Then divide that figure by the number of weeks in the reference period which is normally 17 weeks.

What is the fastest heavy tank?

These Are The Fastest Tanks Ever Made8 K2 Black Panther.7 Stridsvagn 103.6 Al-Khalid.5 T – 90 S.4 AMX – 56 Leclerc.3 Leopard 2A7.2 M1A1 Abrams.1 T – 14 Armata.More items •18 May 2020

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