Question: What should I do if I like my flatmate?

What do you do when you like your flatmate?

Create a bit of distance.For example, if you and your roommate always hang out alone together, try to bring some other people into the mix so that it isnt so intimate.Try to avoid doing things that feel “date” like. Dont go to the movies, dinner, or concerts alone together.

How do I stop hating my flatmate?

What To Do If You Hate Your RoommateAlways Be Nice. If you hate your roommate, you can gain some valuable life lessons. Find Common Ground. Chances are, you and your roommate have at least one thing in common. Create Boundaries. Have a Conversation. Create Your Own Space. Be Respectful. Consider Moving Out.16 Feb 2018

Is it a good idea to sleep with your housemate?

There is obviously nothing to worry about when you start sleeping with someone you live with. About 85 percent of the students polled, by what looks like a budget Airbnb for student accommodation, considered sleeping with a roommate to be a bad move.

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