Question: How can I have fun in Tulsa?

Where can I hook up in Tulsa OK?

Our favorite spots to find Tulsa hookupsHodges Bend is one of the best options for hookups in Tulsa.AFF is Tulsas best hookup app (try it free)Valkyrie is a nice cocktail bar to have fun on Saturday evenings.MixCo Bar is another great place to have a drink and socialize with girls.More items •16 Apr 2021

What is there to do for free in Tulsa OK?

15 Free Things to do in TulsaWoodward Park. 2435 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74114. River Parks. 2424 E 21st St #300, Tulsa, OK 74114. Keystone Ancient Forest. 160 Ancient Forest Dr, Sand Springs, OK 74063. Tall Chief Cove Recreation Area. Sperry, OK 74073. Historic Route 66. Philbrook Museum of Art.

What is there to do in Tulsa for teens?

Best things to do with teenagers in Tulsa, OKUrban Air Adventure Park - Tulsa. 1.1 mi. Trampoline Parks. Gathering Place. 3.6 mi. 196 reviews. Center of the Universe. 5.2 mi. Local Flavor. Tulsa State Fair. 2.1 mi. Amusement Parks. SCOTFEST. 7.3 mi. Oklahoma Aquarium. 5.9 mi. LaFortune Park. 1.5 mi. Will Rogers Memorial Museum. 22.4 mi.More items

Is Tulsa OK bad?

According to data collected by the FBI crime reports in 2019, Tulsa is safer than 2% of the cities in the United States. The truth is, every city has good and bad areas – and Tulsa is no exception. Based on facts and figures, you will find that Tulsa suffers from high crime rates that are located in specific areas.

Where can I pick up girls in Tulsa?

Nightclubs & Pick Up BarsClub Majestic at 124 N Boston Ave.Boots & Diamonds Saloon at 8190 S Memorial Dr.The Starlite Bar at 1902 E 11th St.The Max Retropub at 114 S Elgin Ave.Unicorn Club at 222 E 1st St.The Colony at 2809 S Harvard Ave.The Run at 3141 E Skelly Dr.Kilkennys Irish Pub at 1413 E 15th St.More items •8 Feb 2021

Where do singles meet in Tulsa OK?

Tulsa Singles Bars1McNellies Pub. 4.9/5.0. 409 E 1st St Tulsa, OK 74120. (918) 382-7468 Visit Website. 2Valkyrie. 4.9/5.0. 13 E Mathew B. Brady St. 3Hodges Bend. 4.7/5.0. 823 E 3rd St Tulsa, OK 74120. 4Cellar Dweller. 4.6/5.0. 417 W 7th St Tulsa, OK 74103. 5The Max Retropub. 4.5/5.0. 114C S Elgin Ave Tulsa, OK 74120.31 Jul 2020

Is downtown Tulsa safe at night?

It is generally safe to travel anywhere in the city during the day, but at night there are a few areas where you should be on the alert. You can find a crime map here. Downtown is generally safe if you stay away from the bus stations and areas with no street lights.

How much does it cost to go to the Tulsa Zoo?

Admission (which does not include tickets for the zoos rides and camel tours) costs $10 for adults, $6 for children ages 3 to 11, $8 for those older than 65 and is free for kids 2 and younger.

What can I do for my birthday in Tulsa?

Happy birthday, Tulsa. Here are 100 things to do here that you cant do anywhere elseTwo step in the house that Bob (Wills) built. Drive up and see a double feature at Admiral Twin Drive-in. Tour the tunnels under downtown Tulsa. Cut to order meat at Perrys. Gilded Glory. Wait for the worth-it BBQ at BurnCo.More items •18 Jan 2019

Is Tulsa downtown safe?

Downtown is generally safe if you stay away from the bus stations and areas with no street lights. The downtown area is like a ghost town on weekdays but is a little more lively on weekends. There are a lot of auto thefts, purse snatchings, rapes, thefts, and home invasions on the south side of Tulsa.

Is Tulsa a nice city?

Not only is T-Town a safe and affordable place to live, but its also a great place for retirees to spend their golden years. Tulsas many restaurants, lively arts and entertainment, abundant outdoor recreation, and thriving sports culture all contribute to it being an excellent place for retirees to live.

Where do rich people hang out in Tulsa?

In Tulsa most of the affluent neighborhoods lie in the south of the city like S Yale Avenue and Delaware Avenue, Woodward Avenue and S Union Avenue.

Is Tulsa sketchy?

Although there are many reasons to love Tulsa, it also has some of the worst crimes rates in the state. In Tulsa, it is estimated that you have a 1 in 16 chance of becoming a victim of crime. Violent crimes per 100k people: 1,065 (3rd most dangerous in OK)

How long does it take to walk through the Tulsa Zoo?

You can spend 30 minutes, 1, 2, or more hours. over a year ago. Half a day tops. It is a small zoo.

Does the Tulsa Zoo have polar bears?

TULSA, OK -- One of the Tulsa Zoos most popular arctic animals lost his battle with chronic kidney disease Thursday. Kavek, the zoos only polar bear, was euthanized after an exam found his kidney disease had progressed dramatically.

What food is Tulsa known?

Some have earned their place on the list by the sheer culinary joy theyve brought us.Spudder Steakhouse. Spudder Restaurant, 6536 E. Coney Island Hot Weiner Shop. Coney Island Hot Weiner Shop, 107 N. Ikes Chili. Nelsons Buffeteria. Stutts House of Bar-B-Q. Jamils. White River Fish Market. Daylight Donuts.More items •14 Aug 2019

What is Tulsa best known for?

Home to cosmopolitan delights coupled with Southern hospitality, Tulsa is a dynamic city known for a variety of bustling urban districts, exceptional dining, an unsurpassed love of the arts and one of the largest collections of art deco architecture in the nation.

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