Question: Where can I find friends who dont drink?

You can also use to start a group and let people know that youre out there. And dont limit yourself to just finding a “sober” group. If you like volleyball, then find a group that plays volleyball too or join a rec league.

What to do with friends that dont drink?

Awesome things to do with your friends that dont involve alcoholGo for a long winter walk. Have a board game night. Have an at-home spa party. Host a Come Dine With Me night. Watch classic films at the cinema. Be a volunteer. Make a style mood board. Go to a pottery painting caféMore items •Mar 23, 2016

What athletes dont drink alcohol?

Who is the most famous athlete who has quit drinking? Cristiano Ronaldo tops our list. Cristiano Ronaldo does not drink alcohol at all because his father died after years of alcohol abuse .Cristiano Ronaldo. Brett Favre. Dennis Rodman. Charles Barkley. Joe Namath. John Daly. Mickey Mantle. Miguel Cabrera.More items •Apr 25, 2019

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