Question: Was Google+ a failure?

Google+, the search giants failed social network, will finally be laid to rest on Tuesday morning. Launched in 2011 and competing with Facebook and Twitter, it was Googles fourth attempt at a social network. But the platform failed to win people over, even after Google pushed it upon the thriving YouTube community.

Why was Google+ hated?

Ever since its birth in 2011, people have viewed Google+ with everything from disdain to outright disgust. Seen as the search giants attempt to muscle into the social media market, many felt that Google+ was unpolished, redundant, and obscure.

What was wrong with Google Plus?

Failure of Google Plus was plausible from Day 1 The cumbersome user interface might be a reason behind G+ failure. At the time of creation, Google kept the focus on its users, not the widespread human beings. The problem faced with Google Glass reflected on social media, too.

Why Did Google kill Google+?

The decision to kill off Google+ came after the discovery that a bug in Google+ exposed the personal data of nearly half a million users, with Google not disclosing it to the public until much later. Shortly after that, it was discovered that another security bug exposed personal data of more than 50 million users.

Why is Google+ slow to take off?

Though the announcement to shut down Google+ comes after it was found that a bug that was present for more than two years led to exposure of data of millions of users to external developers, Google+ was already dying. And this is not the first time Googles social network has to be shut down.

When did Google+ shut down?

April 2, 2019 Fast forward eight years later — Google+ was shut down for consumers on April 2, 2019. The company later revealed its plan to revive a version of the networking site for its G Suite platform.

Why did Google fail today?

“Today, at 3.47AM PT Google experienced an authentication system outage for approximately 45 minutes due to an internal storage quota issue,” a Google spokesperson told CNBC. “Services requiring users to log in experienced high error rates during this period.

Is Google down in Australia? is UP and reachable by us. The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller. If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline.

Is Google down for everyone or just me?

You hit a site; its down. You immediately reload; its still down.

Is Gmail down today in India?

So if the question is: is the Gmail down in India? The answer is yes as the service is facing major outage in not only India but also in several other countries.

Is there a problem with Gmail at the moment?

At the moment, we havent detected any problems at Gmail.

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