Question: How do I check my BlackPlanet email?

What happened to BlackPlanet?

BlackPlanet never really left. In 2008, Radio One purchased BlackPlanet and the website transformed a bit but still served as a forum for the Black community. Unfortunately, by this time Facebook and Twitter were household names and the iconic social media network site sort of faded into the background.

How do I delete my BlackPlanet account?

How To Delete Blackplanet AccountOn main menu select scroll over to my page then on drop down menu select My Account.On My Account Tab click on close account.On Close Account Fill The Reason of Closing, Improve Experience and Password.Now click on Close Account to permanently delete your account.Jul 6, 2016

What is a BlackPlanet?

NASAs Hubble Captures Blistering Pitch-Black Planet. The oddball exoplanet, called WASP-12b, is one of a class of so-called hot Jupiters, gigantic, gaseous planets that orbit very close to their host star and are heated to extreme temperatures.

When was BlackPlanet founded?

September 1999 BlackPlanet/Dates launched

Who invented Black Planet?

Omar Wasow BlackPlanet was launched on September 1, 2001 by Omar Wasow, an Internet analyst, who in 2001 was running New York Online, a pre-web community he started in 1993 from his living room in Brooklyn. It was the brainchild of Wasow and Community Connects CEO Benjamin Sun.

What planet is all black?

The planet is so hot that astronomers believe it is absorbing almost all of the heat from its star, and reflecting very little to no light. Objects that reflect no sunlight are black. Consequently, HD 149026b might be the blackest known planet in the Universe, in addition to the hottest.

What are the negatives of social media?

The negative aspects of social mediaInadequacy about your life or appearance. Fear of missing out (FOMO). Isolation. Depression and anxiety. Cyberbullying. Self-absorption. A fear of missing out (FOMO) can keep you returning to social media over and over again. Many of us use social media as a “security blanket”.More items

What happened to Mi Gente?

In May 2019, was redirected to, which is also owned by Urban One.

What is the darkest color planet?

Although TrES-2b currently is the darkest known planet, similar worlds around other stars undoubtedly await discovery, the researchers said. For now, it reinforces the idea that our solar system may not be as typical as we once thought, with an extraordinary variety of worlds potentially filling our galaxy.

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