Question: Who is Basshunter girlfriend?

During his time on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother he was in an intimate relationship with Ekaterina Ivanova. After being a couple for three years, Basshunter married Tina Makhia Khayatsadeh on 19 January 2017.

Whats Basshunter doing now?

With all the love the dance genre is receiving, as of late, Basshunter seems primed to make a comeback. Currently, hes finishing up the second leg of a summer tour that started in the UK, and has since expanded to cities in Ireland, Denmark and Finland.

Is La Bouche still alive?

Thornton departed La Bouche in 2000, continuing her career as a solo singer. On November 24, 2001, Melanie Thornton died in the Crossair Flight 3597 crash in Zürich, Switzerland .La BoucheLabelsBMG Records RCAAssociated actsLe ClickWebsiteOfficial websiteMembersLane McCray Tímea Kullai8 more rows

What year did wannabe my lover come out?

1996 Wannabe/Released

What are the beautiful South called now?

The South. In 2008, former Beautiful South members Dave Hemingway, Dave Stead and Alison Wheeler formed The New Beautiful South, along with long-time collaborators keyboardist Damon Butcher, saxophonist Gaz Birtles and trumpeter Tony Robinson. In 2010, the band changed its name to The South.

Who sang what I really really want?

Spice Girls Wannabe/Artists

Why are they called The Beautiful South?

Heaton and Hemingway immediately began work on setting up a new band, naming it The Beautiful South as a sarcastic comment on their staunch Northern roots.

Why did Jackie Abbott leave Beautiful South?

She left the band in 2000, because of the pressure of touring. A busy tour schedule would have conflicted with Abbotts wish to concentrate on looking after her son, who had just been diagnosed with autism.

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