Question: Who are the people that Erica Dixon is dating?

Who is Erica Dixon baby father of the twins?

Dixon was dressed as Morticia Addams, Emani was Wednesday Addams, and the father of the babies, whose name is still unknown, was Gomez Addams.

Is Scrappy still in love with Erica?

Lil Scrappy and his ex-girlfriend Erica Dixon havent been together for years. Things havent been the most amicable between the two during that time, especially when it comes to their daughter Emani Richardson. Now it seems as though Scrappy is refusing to speak to Erica at all.

How old is Erica Dixon twins?

Famous actress Erica Dixons twin toddlers recently melted many hearts after posts that showcased their beautiful smiles were shared on social media. Erica Dixons twin daughters are only two years old; however, they already have her and anyone with working eyes wrapped around their little pinkies.

Is Rotimi Erica baby daddy?

Rotimi is NOT the father. Although many people believed that he was the father of Erica Dixons twins, both parties have now shut down the speculation by calling fake news.

How much is beauty and the beast VHS worth?

According to reports, the original Beauty and the Beast VHS are selling on eBay for as much as $9,000. One in particular actually sold for nearly ten thousand dollars, and an unopened “Black Diamond Classic” case, which originally sold for $20 is now worth thousands of dollars.

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