Question: Is West Palm Beach trashy?

Is West Palm Beach a party area?

West Palm Beach has an active and exciting nightlife with clubs, bars, and activities for everyone. From craft beer to comedy, and music to wine, this Florida city wont disappoint.

What is there to do in West Palm Beach at night?

Best fun things to do at night in West Palm Beach, FLLegends of Xscape Escape Rooms. 2.6 mi. 92 reviews. Respectable Street. 2.4 mi. Fun Depot. 6.6 mi. Movies of Lake Worth. 8.4 mi. Improv Comedy Club - West Palm Beach. 2.4 mi. The Escape South Florida. 8.1 mi. South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. 3.8 mi. Fright Nights. 6.4 mi.More items

Is it good to live in West Palm Beach?

There is a variety of people here who are willing to make friends and overall its great. West palm beach is amazing place to live at if you like being from the beach 10 minutes away and Palm Beach also has so much commercial and shopping places or even places to adventure to like the zoo, museum, or art galleries.

Is West Palm Beach Florida Expensive?

Living in West Palm Beach Is Affordable Compared to neighboring Palm Beach, WPB is the more affordable option for Florida coastal living. Meanwhile, West Palm Beachs cost of living is only 6% higher than the Florida average, and the median home price is $198,100.

Does West Palm Beach have a boardwalk?

West Palm Beach: Grassy Waters Preserve This free boardwalk trail is just under a mile long and takes you past a staffed nature center.

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