Question: Why is Marseille so popular?

Marseille is famous for its Bonne-mère, its Vieux-Port and its Château dIf. It is also known for its significant cultural outputs, from savon de Marseille to tarot, as well as its typically Southern culture of pastis and pétanque.

Why is Marseille famous for?

Marseille is famous all over the world for its Bouillabaisse. Go to the bouillabaisse. The famous fish soup of Marseille jumped on the shark. Locals rarely eat or cook bouillabaisse – the traditional version takes more than a day to prepare – for special occasions.

What is so special about Marseille?

Blessed with a moderate climate, Marseille is also the sunniest major city in the country, and a popular travel destination all year round. The history of Marseille goes back to 600 BC, so you can expect to walk among old streets, castles, churches and museums.

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