Question: How do you tell a guy you dont want to be just a hookup?

What to say if you dont want to hook up?

When youre ready to talk, try starting off with something positive, like “Its been really fun making out with you!” (And if thats not true, maybe its time to reevaluate the whole situation.) Next, name what youre worried about. That could sound like, “I want to talk about how were both feeling.

How do you tell someone youre not interested after hooking up?

Dont miss a thingI had fun, but I dont see this going anywhere. I Actually Dont Want To Be Friends. I literally do want to be friends. Im not interested in making this a routine. Thanks for the memories. For me that was a one time thing. We should end things here. I dont really feel a connection.More items •19 Jun 2019

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