Question: Why you should never date a Taurus?

Dont fall in love with a Taurus because they are the toughest signs to be in a relationship with. They arent hopeless romantics, in fact even if they love you they will struggle in clearly conveying how they feel. They put up a tough front, hiding their emotions but they really do care deeply about people.

Why Taurus is a bad sign?

They are often short-tempered people who can be angered easily so choose your words carefully while talking to them. The Bull is extremely possessive of his belongings. Their possessiveness often takes the form of jealousy and can make them react in ways that arent acceptable.

What sign is attracted to Taurus?

Capricorn is another earth sign that tends to find Taurus appealing. Nothing attracts Capricorn more than a person who likes to dream big, and Taurus likes to dream big. Ambitious Capricorn will get excited, just listening to the bull talk about their ideas and plans for the future.

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