Question: What city is most vegan?

Where are the most vegans in the US?

New study reveals the top ten vegan-friendly statesRankStateTotal # of Takeouts in the City1New York13152Georgia1123Washington814Illinois4066 more rows

Are there any vegan cities?

The Best Cities for Vegans and VegetariansPortland, Ore. Affordability rank: 48 / 100. Los Angeles. Affordability rank: 38 / 100. San Francisco. Affordability rank: 98 /100. Orlando, Fla. Affordability rank: 39. Seattle. Affordability rank: 92. Miami. Affordability rank: 80. Boise, Idaho. Affordability rank: 22. Fort Wayne, Ind.More items •23 Feb 2021

What city in the US has the most vegan restaurants?

What Cities Have the Most Vegan Restaurants per Capita?San Francisco, California.Seattle, Washington.Houston, Texas.Portland, Oregon.Washington, D.C.Chicago, Illinois.Atlanta, Georgia.Miami, Florida.More items

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