Question: Are there any dating sites created by entrepreneurs?

Who created dating sites?

Started by Jim Harvey and Phil Fialer as a class project at Stanford. Used a questionnaire and an IBM 650 to match 49 men and 49 women. Ed Lewis at Iowa State University uses a questionnaire and an IBM computer to optimize the meeting potential at dances.

Where can I find business men?

Top 10 Best Dating Sites For A Businessman In 2020The League. The League is known to be an elite dating site. Zoosk. Zoosk allows you to create a profile easily. CoffeeMeetsBagel. This platform requires you to continue with either your Facebook account or your phone number. Match. eHarmony. OkCupid. Grindr. PlanetRomeo.More items •5 Jun 2020

What was the first ever dating site?

In 1998, online dating gains legitimacy with the release of Youve Got Mail. becomes the first modern dating website in 1994, followed by in 1995.

Where can I meet rich guys?

Social Places To Meet Rich MenChurches and other places of worship.Make Millionaire Friends.Alumni Gatherings.Charity Events and Galas.Political Party Events.Volunteer.Sporting Events.Crash Exclusive Parties.More items

Tinder With each update, Tinder becomes more like a social media platform, making it kind of fun to find someone to date. And because its arguably the most popular dating app, youll actually be able to find people who interest you on there, even if you live in a small town.

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