Question: Who is AJ Lee dating in real life?

Personal life Mendez married fellow professional wrestler Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, on June 13, 2014. They reside in Chicago, Illinois.

Why did John Cena and AJ break up?

AJ stepped down from her General Manager duties on October 22, becoming embroiled in a scandal storyline with John Cena. Subsequently accompanied by Langston as her bodyguard, she explained that Cena had toyed with her emotions and broke her heart, so she helped Ziggler break him.

Who did CM Punk date before AJ Lee?

#1 History with Lita CM Punk dated Lita from 2012-13 and even accompanied Punk early in 2013 to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. They reportedly had a fallout and broke up in the following months. Later in the year, Punk started dating AJ Lee.

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