Question: Whats the proper way to ask a date about their past?

How do you ask someone about their past?

Dont miss a thingWho was your first celebrity crush?Who was your first real-life crush?When was your first kiss?How did you lose your virginity?How many serious relationships have you been in?Is there anything you regret doing or not doing in a past relationship?How did your past relationship(s) end?More items •21 Oct 2019

Is it OK to ask someone about their past relationships?

If you feel comfortable chatting about the past, thats great. But dont ask questions if you think you might use what you know in a negative way, couples psychotherapist Tina B. It is OK to ask what went wrong in the prior relationship, and also share what went wrong with your exes.

How do I ask her about her past relationships?

Is it okay to ask a girl about her past relationships?Stick to the basics.Make sure you dare to hear about her ex.Keep it between the two of you.Communicate, but dont overthink.Never ask them “would you go back” question.Ask what she learned.11 Feb 2021

When should you ask someone about their ex?

wait until you feel comfortable enough with him to ask about his ex, or until he asks you. This is always a solid approach. Eventually most guys, if theyre serious about wanting to be in a relationship with you, will get curious.

Is it OK to ask why someone broke up?

Once the two of you have shared good memories, you can ask about the breakup. Try not to sound angry or resentful. Just politely ask your ex to give you an explanation. Do not start off with something like, What did I do wrong? or Whats wrong with me? Instead, phrase things in a calm and mature fashion.

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