Question: Where is Apryl Jones from?

Where did Apryl Jones grow up?

Apryl Jones (Seasons 1–2, 6, guest star in season 4) is a singer-songwriter, originally from Chicago, Illinois. She is an Afro-Asian of mixed ethnicity, her mother is of Taiwanese, Chinese and Mongolian descent, while her father is African-American with Native American roots.

What college did Apryl Jones attend?

Apryl has a Bachelors degree in Radiation Science Apryl graduated with a bachelors degree and worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago before moving to LA to give her musical ambitions a go.

What is April Jones profession?

Apryl Jones is an actress who is known for I Got the Hook Up 2, Angel, and Casting The Net. She was catapulted into fame when she dated rapper Omarion, with whom she bore two children. Later on, she became an actress.

Is Apryl Jones in a relationship?

Dre are dating despite Jones having revealed that she is polyamorous. The information was revealed by her co-star Moniece Slaughter.

Is Apryl Jones a RN?

In addition to being a mother herself, Jones has a degree in radion science. According to a VH1 profile of the reality star, Jones holds a bachelors degree in the field and worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago before moving to LA to chase her dreams of being a singer.

How much does Apryl Jones make?

By the end of 2019, Jones was reportedly earning more than $2 million from her television work. As per Celebrity Net Worth, Jones currently has a net worth of around $1 million.

What kind of nurse is Apryl Jones?

Travel Registered Nurse Apryl Jones - Travel Registered Nurse - CVS MinuteClinic | LinkedIn.

Is Apryl and Fizz still a couple?

Apryl Jones explains why she and Fizz split Just months after going public, Fizz and Jones split. During an interview on FOX Soul, Jones revealed the two opted to breakup and focus on parenting their children from their previous relationships.

Is Apryl and Fizz a couple?

In a Love & Hip Hop Reunion clip, Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz reveal their relationship failed due to lack of communication. Apryl and Lil Fizzs controversial relationship ended in early 2020 when it was reported that they went their separate ways to focus on their children.

Who is Apryl Jones dating right now?

Apryl Jones and Omarion have welcomes two children together – Megaa Omari Grandberry and Amei Kazuko Grandberry. in Los Angeles, California. Apryl and Omarion welcomed their second child, Amei Kazuko Grandberry on March 7, 2016 (age 4) in Los Angeles.

What is Apryl Jones degree in?

April Jones was born on 15th December 1986 at Chicago in an average, middle class family. She graduated with a bachelors degree in Radiation Science and worked at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. As a result of her passion for music, she gave up her medical career to move to Los Angeles.

Why Apryl Jones and Fizz broke up?

Their union caused chaos amongst their Love & Hip Hop co-stars and fans due to Fizzs connection to Jones ex and his B2K bandmate Omarion. In addition to the pressures of his ties to Omarion, Jones says her and Fizz split because of Fizzs own insecurities.

Is Apryl Jones in the medical field?

Shes no stranger to the medical field as she has a Bachelors degree in Radiation Science and worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

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