Question: What is a landing website page?

A standalone web page that potential customers can “land” on when they click through from an email, ad, or other digital location. They serve a specific purpose in a specific moment of an advertising campaign to a target audience. A websites homepage usually provides a general overview of a business.

What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

As opposed to homepages and websites, which are designed for exploration, landing pages are customized to a specific campaign or offer and guide visitors towards a single call to action. In short, landing pages are designed for conversion. One goal, or call to action.

What is landing page used for?

A landing page is a follow up to any promises that youve made in your content. Essentially, its the next step toward a visitor becoming a customer. Your landing page lets you make a trade, some sort of special offer, piece of information or a deal, in return for providing contact information.

Why do I need a landing page if I have a website?

Landing pages can give insight into which visitors are the most engaged with your website. Having landing pages will allow you to capture leads, but, when correctly set up, they will also let you watch those existing leads behavior online and determine how they interact with your business.

Can you use a landing page instead of a website?

Technically, you can have a landing page without a website. You can host a landing page independently of a website. So, its easy to have one without the other.

Can I use a landing page instead of a website?

Landing pages are there to direct your traffic towards both your social media and website. Most importantly, landing pages are objective-driven. In other words, you tell your clients exactly what you want them to do. A landing page without a website is perfectly fine.

Where should I place my landing page?

8 Places you can include your post-click landing page link on your websiteFooter. One of the most common places to find a post-click landing page link is in the footer. Resource page or Product page. Sign Up page. Blogs. Banners. Pop ups. Contact link. Drop-down menu.Jan 6, 2020

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